Road Trip!



SD Bound- Day 3


We got a great start to the morning and were on the road by 7:20 or so.  Basically it was an unremarkable trip up north.  As we came into Iowa south of CB we noticed more and more flooding in so many of the fields.  Interstate 29 was still pretty rough since the flooding of the spring.  But other than that the weather was good- a little chillier the further north we got with some occasional rain and a bit more wind that usual.

Now no trip north would be complete without a trip to the Ranch- Pizza Ranch that is.  Of course we had a ton of them to stop at so we had no problem finding one.  As always it was tasty, filling and everything that we love about it.


Belly’s full we were back on the road with only about an hour or so to SF.  Pulling into town around 1:30 or so and we were checked into the hotel in a heartbeat.  We pretty much just chilled for the afternoon until it was time to head out for dinner.

Which was, upon our son’s recommendation, 22Ten Kitchen.  But first a quick stop at Remedy Brewing, one of our favs.  

Onto 22Ten Kitchen.  SF has some of the coolest restaurants.  They had some very different items on the menu so I chose a Reuben and mashed root vegetables, along with a Guinness.  Jon had a Black and Blue burger with sea salt fries and an Alaskan Ale.  It was really good and has now gone on our list of SF favs.


 Another great day in the life of gypsies on the road!

SD Bound- Day 2


After a restless nights sleep we were up and back on the road this morning by 6:50 am.

Just a couple funny things about our lodging last night.  The shower curtain didn’t even hit the top of the top and even if it did come down further it was about 2 feet away from the tub- so we’re not really sure how much good it was doing!  Thank goodness neither of us surfed the bathroom during our shower.  We also woke to a guest in our room last night.  Hanging out on the smoke detector right above the bed was this big old mud wasp.  Not fun!


So we were the road no more than a couple of minutes when our son called to ask if we had talked with our other son that lives in Sioux Falls yet.  Apparently a  touched down in SF about 11:30 pm.  We are thankful that they are all ok, but SF suffered some significant damage in some parts of the city.  From what we gathered there were 3 different tornadoes that touched down.


Thankfully our trip was pretty unremarkable!  We had another wonderful gourmet lunch at a rest area in IL.  PB and J, veggies and apples- now who can complain about that! Not quiet as gourmet as yesterday, but delicious just the same!

Before we knew it we were driving through St. Louis.  We were on the other side of the arch so it was difficult to get some good pics of it, but I tried the best I could.  No Rigazzi’s or Ted Drewes this time around. But there is always the trip back home!

We got into KC in great time today.  It was hard to believe we really only had 2 major tie downs with traffic.  The weather was perfect and our hotel feels like a luxury hotel after last night.  Dinner tonight— we found a really cool place called Brewer’s Kitchen not too far from the hotel.  Unique in that their meat for the burgers is all marinated in local beer.  They serve only local beers (local being Kansas or Missouri) and even the hard liquors are local.  I decided on a chicken sandwich since I totally blew everything with a peanut buster parfait this afternoon and Jon had a burger.  It was absolutely delicious.  I think we have found our new go to spot in KC!


Just around the block from the hotel we noticed some guys painting on the building walls.  They are part of an organization called Secret Walls. They travel around the country creating spray paint murals freehand!  The ones we saw today had just been started yesterday.  What talent!


SD Bound!

We’re headed north to SD to celebrate some family birthdays and visit friends.  So we were on the road by 6:51 this morning.  Our first stop was we had to make try the new breakfast sizzli’s at Wawa…. Oooh what a fat pill.


We ate lunch at the GA welcome center where 2 years ago almost to the day we hunkered down in the ditch at 2:30 am to rest during our evacuation adventure.  That day the trip took us 9 hours.  Today it took us 5 hours.


We did try to offset our fat pill breakfast with a little bit of a healthy lunch- our chicken curry salad, veggies and topped off with a homemade choc. Chip cookie.

Dinner was at the SmokeHouse in Monteagle, somewhere we’ve always wondered about.  It was good- not impressive- good down home cooking on a buffet.  Still cost us 30 bucks though.

Onto the hotel- we were being nostalgic by staying at the Ambassador Inn- for 80 bucks we knew it wasn’t going to be incredible.  Some things never change.  We had to switch rooms right from the get go since the lights or fridge didn’t work.  Our sons thought it was funny that we were staying there and they reminded us how busy it was the first year of Bonaroo and they still have breakfast in the morning, something that was unique to us 30 some years ago when we stayed here for the first time.

Back on the road tomorrow- destination. KC.

Margaritas, Mexico, Mariachi and more….

Adventures can consist of old and new things and this time ours was mainly the old, familiar things that filled our time when we lived in Texas. A day trip to Mexico, Margaritas at Panchos in Nuevo Progresso, breakfast burritos at Los Leonas in La Feria and a day trip to South Padre Island. But we also got some new things in too- an incredible mariachi band at Nana’s Taqueria in Weslaco and meeting tons of new friends at our friends retirement village. A mix of old and new, tons of new memories to take back with us along with some new Margarita glasses from Mexico and a ceramic fish planter! Onto Rockport for more time together with incredible friends in our old neighborhood!

TX Bound

We are long past due for a visit with our TX friends so off we go on a short adventure!  We love to road trip so we were out the door this morning by 7.  We are pretty simple when we travel and so we did our normal tailgating for lunch with absolutely delicious ham sandwiches and veggies from the Casa de Kosec Kitchen.  We were in Covington by 6 and headed to Old Rail Brewery for dinner.  Boudin Balls, a couple of wonderful local brews, Grilled Chicken BLT Sandwich and Shrimp Po’Boy. filled our hungry stomachs.   Oh a little ice cream for dinner – way off the WW points but oh so worth it. We even saw a wind-up VW!

Cuba Adventure!


  • Visited Eight cities/towns,
  • Worked with 12 churches,
  • Traveled 580 miles round trip on a bus from Havana to Santiago via Camiguey,
  • Rode the bus for a total of 35 hours,
  • Ate more rice and beans than I care to imagine
  • Realized I don’t like Cuban hamburgers or pizza
  • Realized I love Cuban Ropa Vieja and Casava Bread and ice cream
  • Enjoyed a daiquiri at Floridita in Havana among every other tourist in town
  • Tried just about every Cuban beer made
  • Cafe Cubana and Cafe con Leche are the best
  • Walked 92 miles
  • Made tons of new friends and memories!

Most important were blessed by those we love and care about in this beautiful country! 


Cuba Adventure 2019